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Maximumtest - Test Sensors and Actuators

Maximum Test
Maximum Test - Instruments for car repair mechanics

The long-standing experience of Fortec technical engineers, who have worked for years in the sector of instrumentation for car repair shops, has led to the development of MaximumTest, the new electronic digital tester for operation tests on sensors and electromechanical components in the automobile sector.
Where auto-diagnostics ends, it is essential to get to the root of the problem causing the error code, and this is possible thanks to Maximum Test: the analysis of continuous and pulse signals (pwm) is much simpler than with the traditional oscilloscope and control of the electromechanical components enables immediate checks on operation.
MaximumTest is a multifunctional device that is extremely simple to use, as it is designed to change its function according to wiring attached. Thanks to its versatility and complete expandability, it is like having a set of tools all in one.
Maximum Test Kit
by Microtronics for Fortec Srls

Maximum Test, produced by Microtronics to the specifications of Fortec Srls, is a multi-functional instrument for testing sensors and actuators in modern engines. Essential to check analogue signals and PWM of transducers and also to test activation of various types of electromechanical actuators.

With the innovative system of smart wiring, to add a new function to MaximumTest that wasn't there before, you simply need to update the instrument firmware and connect the new cable ! The development of new updates and applications is continuous, to keep up to speed with modern automotive technologies.
Some of the functions available to date:

ACTIVATION OF ELECTROMECHANICAL ACTUATORS: EGR valves, throttle bodies, pressure regulators, HPV valves, IMV valves, pneumatic actuators, etc. with selection of the duty-cycle and activation frequency.

ACTIVATION OF INJECTORS: petrol, LPG and CNG, diesel coil and piezoelectric ignition, with the option of modifying the frequency of activation and injection time.

DIESEL SPARK PLUG TESTING: operation test on spark plugs of all nominal voltages, even without disassembly from the engine

INDUCTIVE PICK-UP SENSOR: test on activation of power components via electromagnetic sensor without electrical contact, with pulse readings in real time.

MULTIMETER FOR CONTINUOUS VOLTAGE AND PWM SIGNALS: measurement of maximum and minimum voltages, frequency and duty-cycle of input signal. This includes a function to read minimum voltage of the battery during start-up.

ENGINE MASS TEST: measurement of engine mass potential with automatic display of test results.

DC VOLTAGE GENERATOR: simulation of output of analogue signals with integrated electronics.

PWM SIGNAL GENERATOR: simulation of electronic sensors with modulated PWM output.

VARIABLE RESISTANCE SIMULATOR: simulation of resistive sensor output.

Components Test
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